Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I guess that since this is the first post, there should be some information about us. We have been together for over five years, "married" for four years. We live in Louisiana, which is an adventure in itself. We both work, one of us is a teacher, the other works in the "liberal media". At the present time we have three dogs, six or eight cats (depending on how you count them), five turtles, fish, a large lizard, a guinea pig and a horse. We have flower gardens and a vegetable garden, koi ponds and bird feeders. We also have a son who is in college. Neither of us smoke, drink or take drugs, and we don't go out to a bar very often (usually only if we are on vacation). Neither of us are what you would call "butch" or "femme". We are just ourselves. Only one of us is out at work (not the teacher). I doubt very much that anyone on our street knows that we are dykes, despite our rainbow flag and windsock, HRC and rainbow "Celebrate Diversity" bumperstickers. We will be posting interesting (hopefully) happenings in our lives, comments on current events, opinions, and updates on our main goal in life-destroying heterosexual marriage by being a "married" lesbian couple. Hopefully you will find some of this interesting and/or amusing. Probably there will be a lot that is not terribly interesting, but we will try our best to keep that to a minimum.


At 5:31 PM, Blogger getalife said...

Love your blog! Keep it up!


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