Friday, September 29, 2006

This is my beautiful wife's cat, Sugar Pie, another of our "Cast of Thousands". Sugar Pie was originally going to be named 'Sneaky Pie', because of Rita Mae Brown's mystery book series, but my wife said that he was too sweet to be a 'Sneaky Pie', so she changed it to Sugar Pie. The first thing people say when they see him is "That is the biggest cat I have ever seen!". Well, he is big, but not the biggest cat I've ever seen. He's a Maine Coon, and they run big. Sugar Pie came into my wife's life long before I met her. He came to her door when she was living in another state with her (now ex-) husband. He wandered in, and immediately started bonding with her. Her ex said that Sugar Pie was the reincarnation my wife's mother, because her mother didn't like him, and neither did Sugar Pie. (I might add that Sugar Pie loves me!) He is a very sweet kitty. One of the cutest things he does is sit up, like a dog does, and beg, using his paws to tap you or just wave in the air. When he does this, I call him Jabba, because he looks like Jabba the Hut from Star Wars. One thing that I felt badly about (and still do) is that when I came to live with my wife, I displaced cats in the bedroom. You see, I have a pretty severe allergy to cats. But I love cats, and would never dream of asking my wife or my son to give up their cats. So, I have two requests, first, no cats sitting on me, and secondly, no cats in our bedroom. That way, when I am trying to sleep, I won't be breathing in all of the allergens, and hopefully I will sleep better, being able to breathe and all. So, the cats that slept with my beautiful wife before I moved in, were banned from the bedroom. They did not take it very well, and really, who can blame them? For the first week that I lived here, we got almost no sleep. The cats sat at the bedroom door, meowing and sticking their paws under the door. They shredded the carpet and scratched at the door. We put up a divider screen in the entrance to the hall. This did not deter them at all. So, ever the problem solvers, we bought a bi-fold door and put it at the entrance to the hall. They learned how to open it fairly quickly, and then make a mad dash down the hall to continue demolition on our bedroom door. Finally we bought a hook and eye kind of lock and started locking the door. This was the solution. (This worked well except for the one time that our son was still up when we went to bed, and I locked the door out of habit and locked him out of the hall (and his bedroom). He managed to take the top of the door out of the track and get in.) Sugar Pie is one of the sweetest kitties I have ever known, and I hate banning him from the bedroom, but I have no choice really, if I want to be able to breathe. I hope that if he really is my beautiful wife's mother (reincarnated), that he/she forgives me for banning him. And I hope that he/she knows how much I love my wife and is happy for us and for the bliss that we have found together.


At 4:34 AM, Blogger commongal said...

Beautiful cat and bravo for you and your wife.

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At 10:18 PM, Blogger GoGo said...

lovely post. I read some of the Rita Mae sneaky pie series. I got them from a friend, she had about 6 in the series. I would read them, then pass them along to mail lady at this job I worked at Goldenrod Music.

I read your post and had to comment.

As for Sugar Pie...mickin adorable, love cats.


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