Friday, June 30, 2006

Is it just us? We seem to be WAY more interested in people that we suspect of being fellow queers than they seem to be in us. And its not always easy to make the identification. Gay men are fairly easy to ID, but confirming dykedom is a little trickier. Since we live in Louisiana, simply having a mullett and wearing "comfortable" clothing does not guarantee that someone is a lesbian. I have observed women in the local WalMart, positive that they are dykes, only to have their mostly toothless husband/boyfriend and 6 kids under the age of 5 walk up to them. Before I go any further, I want to clarify that the process of identification is just a hobby. No wagering allowed. We mean no harm, we don't want anything, we simply want to see who else belongs to the elite "Lesbian Club". The first clue to look for is anything with a rainbow on it. This should be a requirement...all dykes must wear something with a rainbow when they are out in public. If this gives us no clue, next we look at the ring finger. But yet again, this does not guarantee that we have found one of us. There are a lot of lesbians (and gay men) who wear wedding rings now (including us). Next, look in the shopping cart....lots of makeup? probably not a dyke (unless its me) produce?....signs are good....Cosmo and Glamour magazines...sorry, not this time...Southern Living and Family Circle?...maybe she just likes to cook (by the way, my wife/partner/love of my life informs me that Southern Living does now feature gay male couples in their magazine, but dykes are strangely absent). But back to the question at hand, is it just us? When we are driving in the car, sometimes we see a car (or even better, a truck) with rainbows and HRC symbols and triangle bumper stickers. Two women are in it, sitting beside each other. We are like little kids playing the "I spy a dyke vehicle" game! But, as we pass them (so that they can see our bumper stickers and fully appreciate that we are ALSO dykes, they do not as much as turn their heads in our wave, no excitement, no pointing at our stickers. What a letdown. So, what is it? Why are we so much more excited to see other lesbians than they are to see us? Is it validation we need? Is it a sense of belonging? Does anyone have a clue?

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I guess that since this is the first post, there should be some information about us. We have been together for over five years, "married" for four years. We live in Louisiana, which is an adventure in itself. We both work, one of us is a teacher, the other works in the "liberal media". At the present time we have three dogs, six or eight cats (depending on how you count them), five turtles, fish, a large lizard, a guinea pig and a horse. We have flower gardens and a vegetable garden, koi ponds and bird feeders. We also have a son who is in college. Neither of us smoke, drink or take drugs, and we don't go out to a bar very often (usually only if we are on vacation). Neither of us are what you would call "butch" or "femme". We are just ourselves. Only one of us is out at work (not the teacher). I doubt very much that anyone on our street knows that we are dykes, despite our rainbow flag and windsock, HRC and rainbow "Celebrate Diversity" bumperstickers. We will be posting interesting (hopefully) happenings in our lives, comments on current events, opinions, and updates on our main goal in life-destroying heterosexual marriage by being a "married" lesbian couple. Hopefully you will find some of this interesting and/or amusing. Probably there will be a lot that is not terribly interesting, but we will try our best to keep that to a minimum.