Friday, September 29, 2006

In honor of National Coming Out Day, October 11th, I thought that I would list some of the posts on this blog that have dealt with our queerness. If you ask me, I think that these posts are some of my most "inspired". So, if you have not read these before, or if you read them then, enjoyed reading them,and would like to read them again, here's the list. If you are straight, reading this, welcome to our world. If you are queer, I hope that you identify with and enjoy these. I have put a little description of the post next to the links, just to make it easier. And I promise, at some time during this next week I will be back with something new and exciting!

2006/07/ive-been-thinking-about-my-toaster.html (Recruiting lesbians)
2006/07/i-hate-to-fill-out-forms-of-any-kind.html (Am I single? Married? Divorced? What a dilemma!)
2006/07/doma.html (Defense of Marriage Act)
2006/07/i-guess-that-all-dykes-at-some-time-in.html (Which of us is butch or femme?)
2006/07/why-do-lesbians-and-gay-men-always-get.html (Differences between lesbians and gay men)
2006/06/is-it-just-us-we-seem-to-be-way-more.html (Our interest in other homosexuals)
2006/09/being-out-is-wonderful-thing.html (Being out)

Also, if you would like more information on coming out, or just queerness in general, click on this link to go to Human Rights Campaign-Coming Out Section.


At 12:02 PM, Blogger GoGo said...

joy! thanks for putting up information for those who could use it. I reread some posts I had read before, and it reminds me I am not alone in things. reminds me to not assume either.

At 6:24 PM, Blogger J Richard said...

Hi! I found you on 'Behind The Counter' and I looove your site.

Dumbaya has opened mouth, inserted foot yet AGAIN and I immediately thought of you guys.

Im a blogger on another board, largely VERY conservative, Im really the only one that steps up and calls Bush on his foolery. If you get a moment, please read this article (link below), about the OUTRAGEOUS thing Bush said Wednesday (well, okay, only one or two of them, there isnt enough web space to cover it all!)

In fact, this site is looking for news bloggers and I could use some input from the left. I dont get anything for sending you there, no money or anything. But at least another view point would be on there instead of people that really believe the latest reports that the 'google bomb' is purposely causing ONLY negative references to come up when you search Republican names..LOL.

(The title of the article is: G.O.P Hopes Same-Sex Marriage Stance Will Win Votes and my name on there is ItsComeToThis)

Keep bloggin', I love it!


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